Wildfire Pepper Gel

pepper-gelNot All Defense Sprays Are Similar

Within each and every unassuming canister of self defense spray is a solution that interferes with respiration and also leaves an awful burning experience onto the skin as well as in the eyes. In case it is a potent defense spray just like Wildfire Pepper Gel then it further causes persistent coughing and also gagging, and swells the eyes until they shut.

Wildfire Pepper Gel is an 18% self defense spray gel, which means this has a much more potent formulation as compared to typical 10 percent pepper spray. The results are super-intense, and the body reacts more rapidly to these.

This hot defense spray has heat measuring in at 3 million Scoville Heat Units as opposed to the normal 1 or 2 million of other self-defense sprays. Wildfire Pepper Gel is going to burn hot through the skin pores of your enemy.

Fortunately for the crook, pepper spray is non-fatal. Right after the effects disappear within around half an hour, he will go back to health, and become fit enough to explain himself to the police.